Free Training Session

1 on 1 Personal Training provides the advantage of having your own customized program and personal coach. If you feel that you would thrive with your own personal coach, then this is the program for you. While incorporating the G-Up3 concept; all the attention, motivation, encouragement and support is focused on you!

How will personal training make a difference?

Personal training is not just for stars and athletes. Everyone can benefit!  It is an investment in one’s own health and well-being. Here is why Giddy Up Personal Training will make a difference for you:

    • We develop a customized & progressive program specifically for you
    • Together, we will work to achieve the results you desire
    • We motivate you whether you are feeling at your best or your lowest
    • We provide mind, body, life solutions to help you on your journey
    • We develop a personal relationship with you to help fully understand your motivations and goals
    • We challenge you to do more than what is easy and natural
    • We hold you accountable to do what we have all agreed on as a team
    • We are accountable to YOU on all commitments made to you
    • We provide nutrition coaching to give guidelines on what you should be eating based on your goals
    • We teach proper technique to ensure the most efficient and effective workouts while preventing injuries
    • We teach proper exercise selection based on your goals
    • We MAKE IT FUN & SAFE!
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Lifestyle Change

Month to Month Membership

30 minutes- $30-$45/session

60 minutes- $55-$70/session

*All memberships include a free initial consultation

Looking to commit to making fitness and nutrition a lifestyle? This month to month program is right for YOU! Learn how to make fitness and nutrition a part of your day to day life. Within months you will begin to crave workouts, tone,  lose weight and learn how to better resist those foods that you know are not the best for you.

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Paid in Full Package

30 minutes- $35-$50/session

60 minutes- $60-$75/session

*All packages include a free initial consultation

If you are motivated to make fitness and nutrition a lifestyle, but your life doesn’t permit you to make a commitment to a membership at this time, the “Motivated” Package is the program for you. Start moving towards your fitness goals. Purchase as many packaged sessions as you want, when you want.

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Free initial fitness consultation 
Rewards program participation 
Customized fitness program 
Monthly body measurements 
Monthly goal evaluation
Free classes and seminars
Free Giddy Up branded item
15 % off all supplements and drinks
Customized online exercises for off days






*Free Initial Consultation

At Giddy Up Personal Training it is our policy that all guests take the initial consultation to evaluate your overall health and physical readiness level, before engaging in any personal training, small group training or group fitness classes. Guest has NO obligation to sign up for services with Giddy Up Personal Training upon completing this initial consultation.

Initial Consultation Preparation